road kill  - the ugly truth

Since the road upgrade to the northern section (stage 3) of Doonan Bridge Road (DBR), residents have noticed an increase in the number of native animals killed, particularly adjacent to the Doonan Creek Environmental Reserve (DCER). Their deaths are unfortunate, gruesome and very sad. Migrating wildlife from DCER are now running the gauntlet of recently installed guard rails and much faster moving vehicles since the road was sealed. Road kill is a perennial problem, it attracts other animals to the road where they, in turn, are in danger of being hit while feeding on road kill. Vulnerable species such as Koala, Potaroo and Southern Brown Bandicoot, to name but a few, will be pushed closer to extinction by becoming road kill statistics if no mitigation is put in placed to prevent such occurrences. Collision with a kangaroo is not only potentially fatal to the animal, but has also been known to be fatal to vehicle occupants.

Concerned residents are beginning to record road kills; below is a list of animals killed or trapped on the road since January 2018.

Warning: If you're at all squeamish, DO NOT click on the gruesome road kill photos.

Location & Date
Adjoining DCER
Jan/Feb 2018
Two kangaroos seen trapped between  two guard rails
Adjoining DCER
Jan 2018
A swamp wallaby seen trapped by the guard rails
3 Adjoining DCER
Jan 2018
Magpie -
Southern end of DBR
 (Stage 1)
early Jan 2018
Goana -
Adjoining DCER
(near 242 DBR)
19 Feb 2018
Blue tongue lizard

Adjoining DCER
26 Feb 2018

Adjoining DCER
(near 208 DBR)
28 Feb 2018
(early morning) 

8 Adjoining DCER
28 Feb 2018
(early morning)
 A kangaroo reported trapped between two guard rails -
9 Adjoining DCER
14 May 2018
(at 4.50pm)
A male kangaroo was blocked by guard rail, while a mother kangaroo and her joey were waiting at the Doonan Creek Environmental Reserve.
10 Adjoining DCER
15 June 2018
(at ~10.00am)
Blue tongue lizard -