Doonan Bridge Rd upgrade & road design

Verrierdale residents are very concerned with a number of safety issues relating to the roads upgrade & design, and have formally submitted these concerns to council along with reports from two independent accredited road engineers stating the road is unsafe and sub-standard. These concerns and issues have been ignored. In frustration at Council's inaction to resolve these serious issues, and exacerbated by Council's inadequate consultation with residents throughout the road project, the residents gathered on Saturday 20 January 2018 to protest onsite.

To date, Council are continuing road construction as planned, ignoring safety and other concerns. These include:

Council Response to Date (26/2/18)
According to Residents
A 100 kph speed limit is far too dangerous! Road users particularly cyclists, pedestrians and wildlife are at risk.
Two independent, accredited road engineers commissioned by residents are recommending a safer maximum of 70 kph limit.
To be reviewed by a Speed Review Committee (but there is no guarantee of a lower speed limit being imposed)
An alternative safer route for a dangerous sharp corner that has a history of crashes was submitted to council for consideration (ref. drawing on page 4 of the Advertiser newspaper published 25 Jan 2018)

The current design of the sharp corner does not account for the safety of four residents entering & exiting from their driveways on this corner. Residents' alternative gentler, safer corner design option should be adopted.

"Council are still committed to build their sub-standard and unsafe corner design.
Safety concerns and a number of road design hazards identified by two independent, accredited road engineers hired by residents have NOT been considered, and road works are continuing despite these concerns.

Mayor Mark Jamieson has stated on the ABC radio talk-back on Wed 21 Feb 2018, "I'll follow up on the private assessments to make sure they are being considered"
"No feedback." The Mayor has said he would follow up on this.
Outcome is still pending
No allowance for designated school bus stops along the finished road. School children's safety is being put at risk! This concern was raised with Mayor Jamieson on the ABC radio talk-back on Wed 21 Feb 2018.
In consideration but
no outcome
as yet
Council have constructed a massive 10m wide x 2m deep x 300m long CANAL. Residents asked that Council reduce this to a shallower, safer, mow-able, grass swale. Residents do NOT want any more of the already extensive ugly 'AMCO' guard rails along the road.
"Council have agreed to reduce the depth of the CANAL by 400mm, but this has not resolved the issue.
inadequate remedy)"
The redirection of natural floodwaters: Council have constructed a massive, inappropriate for the area, rock lined CANAL to redirect ALL floodwaters from the whole catchment, ignoring the fact that the majority of floodwaters naturally flowed into the ex-cane fields to the east of the sharp corner. WHY?
These natural floodwater flows should be restored which would negate the need for such a large CANAL.
"Council are continuing to build their inappropriate drainage
completely ignored)"
Excessive and heavy reliance on guard rails along many sections of the road pose unnecessary hazards for road users. They make the road resemble a highway rather than a rural road, and are obstacles and death traps for local wildlife, particularly adjacent to the Doonan Creek Environmental Reserve. Someone will be killed because of these railings.
"Fobbed off
(Residents feel Council chose the basic cheaper & ugly
The massive drainage design and road resembling a highway may have a hidden agenda for further development in the area.
Local division 9 Councillor, Steve Robinson said he would put his name to the fact that quote "there is no intention of council what-so-ever to further develop in that area", broadcast on WIN News (channel 80). As Councillor Robinson may not run another term, residents want this assurance guaranteed in writing.
Watch this space... in the future
The Kabi Kabi (traditional owners) invited a local resident to attend a meeting with Council regarding a cultural heritage site on the sharp corner in question, however Council would not allow the resident to attend. Why not?
 "Rejected & Whitewashed"