8 June, 2018  • 

Dangerous Upgrades - Residents frustrated at being 'ignored' about changes. "Verrierdale Residents Group said an independent engineers' report, commissioned by the council, into the now sealed stretch of road confirmed the group's fears. That is, council's constructed sharp corner is substandard and unsafe."  Read more.

7 June, 2018  • 

Review highlights Issues - "Why has council determined to construct an unsafe and substandard corner, when VRS's design was recommended by all reviewers? The reviews found guard rails were inconsistent with surrounding roads and with stage one of the upgrade. Driver expectations will be affected, and wildlife crossing location may be affected."  Read more.

7 June, 2018  • 

Doonan Bridge Road - "SCRC's independent Project Partners review of the Doonan Bridge Road, Verrierdale, upgrade design has finally been received by Verrierdale Residents Group (VRG), after repeated request, via MP Dan Purdie. It confirms VRG's concerns that Council's constructed sharp corner is substandard, unsafe and testing the limits of acceptable design. Guard rails in Stage 3 are excessive."  Read more.

14 March, 2018  • 

Verrierdale Residents Group responds to Council's Doonan Bridge Road changes.  Read more.
21 February, 2018  • 

Mark, a resident of Verrierdale asks Mayor Mark Jamieson on ABC Radio about issues with the Doonan Bridge Road upgrade that have not been addressed by council. Listen to the audio recording.

15 February, 2018  • 

Doonan Bridge Road residents disputes council claims. Read more.

14 February, 2018  • 

Sunshine Coast Council project officer responds to the Doonan Bridge Road upgrade concerns.  Read more.

01 February, 2018  • 

Council responds to Doonan Bridge Road residents. Read more.

26 January, 2018  • 

Verrierdale residents united in protest saying Council is ignoring their concerns on a number of issues regarding the Doonan Bridge Road upgrade. Two accredited, independent road engineers hired by the residents confirmed the road design is unsafe and sub-standard.  Read more.

25 January, 2018  • 

Verrierdale residents are concerned with the safety of the Doonan Bridge Road 'upgrade' design, and propose a safer route for a sharp corner which has a history of crashes. Some residents' safety is at risk entering and exiting the corner from their driveways. There are concerns about the hazardous culverts and roadside drains, the diversion of natural flood waters, and wildlife being trapped by the extensive guard rails.  Read more.

22 January, 2018  • 

Verrierdale residents protest against Sunshine Coast Regional Council for dismissing their concerns over the safety of the Doonan Bridge Road 'upgrade' design, proposed speed limit, hazardous culverts and drains, the impact on the rural environment and local wildlife, and for not being properly consulted prior to the road upgrade and changes to it.  Read more.

22 January, 2018  •  TV broadcast
7 Local News Verrierdale residents protest over the upgrade of Doonan Bridge Road by Sunshine Coast Regional Council. They say they were not properly consulted and do not approve of the road design. Many residents have issues with the safety of the design, proposed 100km/h speed limit, a sharp corner with a history of crashes, the effect on local wildlife and the environment, and inappropriate excessive drainage. Two independent road engineers engaged by residents, confirmed the road design is sub-standard and unsafe, but council have ignored their concerns.  Watch the video here.

22 January, 2018  •  TV broadcast (no online video available)
Win News Andrew Barry, a resident of Verrierdale said "they've actually dug what is the size of three Olympics swimming pools and they're calling it a drain!" 
Narelle McCarthy from Sunshine Coast Environment Council said "It's fragmenting the wildlife corridor and that is actually undermining the opportunity for more conservation outcome in this area....Its got wildlife values and natural values, why is this road the scale that it is?"
Steve Robinson, the local division 9 Councillor said "there is no intention of council what-so-ever to further develop in that area"

20 January, 2018  • 
A video interview at the Doonan Bridge Road protest. Watch the video here.