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We agree, the guard rails are excessive, and they present greater danger to the actual road side hazards they are meant to protect from. Clearly, there is no effort to eliminate or move the road side hazards first, instead an unfavourable solution which heavily rely on guard rails is implemented. The unnecessary guard rails should be removed! Where is the risk assessment and what are the justifications for so many guard rails? Council is responsible and accountable if someone is injured or killed by the guard rails.  Verrierdale resident. •  9.30am, 12 Jun 2018

Really just to register our support for your efforts to protect our area, we are Pryor Road residents, been here for six years. We are always keen on the rule of "common sense", but see the danger of rushing headlong to change such as road changes and NBN - assess the benefit and the risk. Chris. •  12.07pm, 7 Mar 2018

Guard rails and poles are murderous! If safety is a priority, then power poles would be placed where they are safest, instead quite often they are placed where it is cheapest and most convenient for installers. It seems profit is more important than safety, a typical commercial idiocy. Verrierdale resident. •  6.27pm, 5 Mar 2018

Council have spent millions of dollars on Doonan Creek Environmental Reserve and the road upgrade but our local wildlife are suffering (and are being killed) because of ill-conceived road design and excessive use of guard rails. What are the justifications for heavy reliance on guard rails along the northern end of Doonan Bridge Rd? What are the roadside hazards that warrant so many guard rails on this section of the road with no history of accident or incident? Has a risk assessment been carried out by a competent team of road engineers? As a rule of thumb, a common sense approach is to firstly embark on eliminating or relocating a roadside hazard (eg. utility poles), secondly if an engineering solution is not feasible, then and only then should guard rails be used as a last line of defense. It is absolutely absurd for guard rails to cause a greater hazard than the hazard it is meant to be protecting. Totally ludicrous and unacceptable! Anon. •  4.30pm, 4 Mar 2018
Well done - the website looks great! It makes me sad to see the 'before and after' images. Thanks again for all your hard work!.
Emma. •  5.23pm, 22 Feb 2018

Very informative, thanks for the info. Keep up the fight. Craig B. •  8.35pm, 21 Feb 2018
It's a pity council is ignoring residents' concerns, and worse still they are dismissing qualified assessments by two independent road engineers engaged by the residents. Are they waiting for an accident to happen before taking any corrective action? My prediction is a class action lawsuit against the council will occur when someone gets killed on that road, which will be an unnecessary tragic loss of life! This council is out of touch with reality and has no common sense. The council claims to have consulted with residents but obviously the truth is contrary to that as demonstrated by the protest. Looking at the drainage photo, it is definitely an overkill and dangerous. Council could have better spent ratepayers' money on fixing the dangerous corner to the alternative safer route as shown in the drawing published in the Advertiser newspaper. Jess M. •  4.20pm, 21 Feb 2018

  Great website! Well done in bringing the road issue to everyone's attention. Pete.  •  12.50pm, 21 Feb 2018
  Thanks for notifying us of the website. Verrierdale resident. •  10.15am, 21 Feb 2018